Uitstalling Art Gallery

You can visit our exhibitions at Uitstalling The Gallery by appointment. The Gallery is situated at the Marcel Habetslaan 26, 3600 Genk Belgium.  If you want to visit our residential collection at The Villa, please check the section below.

Opening hours

By appointment - Uitstalling The Gallery, Marcel Habetslaan 26, 3600 Genk

Please register first at our head office: Marcel Habetslaan 13, 3600 Genk 

Closed during installations

For more information about our gallery or our work, please contact us by e-mail at danny@uitstalling.com 

If you have any interest in buying art, contact us directly and we will get back to you very soon. Make sure you provide us with as much details as possible. 

Yes, I want to make an appointment to visit the gallery!

Please choose your preference. Our gallery can be visited on weekdays from 10 AM - 5 PM and during the weekend from 2 - 6 PM.

Please be so kind to make a reservation minimum 2 days prior to your visit. Without counter-notification we expect you at your preferred date and hour. 

Uitstalling Garden


Uitstalling The Villa

At Uitstalling The Villa you can look at our own collection of artists. We present a privately owned variable collection from artists as Louise Bourgeois, Dana Schutz, Pablo Picasso, Julian Opie, Dylan Lewis, Nicolas Party and many others.


Opening hours

By appointment - Uitstalling The Villa, Marcel Habetslaan 13, 3600 Genk

For more information about Uitstalling The Villa or how to visit, please contact us by e-mail at danny@uitstalling.com 

Visitations are possible during office hours and at least two days prior to a possible appointment. 


Uitstalling Gallery

Marcel Habetslaan 26

3600 Genk


T: +32(0)89 84 84 20

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