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Francesca Casu

Francesca Casu


Born 1987 in Sassari, lives and works in Brussels since 2019


Francesca Casu’s work is profoundly influuenced by the wildness of her native Sardinian landscape and it’s ancient cultural history. Working directly from nature she translates the experience of long meditative walks into the obsessive translation of sketchbooks and drawings. Thee fauna and fluora finnd their space alongside the myths and legends of an ancient culture that even the Romans could not conquer. Casu’s language is a unique mix of Sardinian ancestral symbols and shamanic traditions searching for their voice amidst the challenges of contemporary civil society. Thee work is rooted in the subjectivity of fragile experience whilst also speaks about a universal conscience.

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Selected exhibitions


2022 – “Of mice and men”, Verduyn Gallery, Moregem – Belgium, Group show

2022 - “Je The;me”, O.V. Project Gallery, Brussels – Belgium, Group show

2021 - “Fuck you”, Kustenhuis, Harelbeke – Belgium, Group show

2020 - “De vous a moi”, O.V. Project Gallery, Brussels - Belgium, Group show

2020 - “Summer in Love”, O.V. Project Gallery, Brussels - Belgium, Group show

2018 - “Disarmante”, Spazio espositivo Mauro Manca, Sassari – Italy, Group show

2017 - “Ego Sum, Deu Seu”, Trigu-Lab, Cagliari - Italy, Group show
2017 - “Komorebi”, Trigu-Lab, Cagliari - Italy, Solo show

2014 - “Fiera d’Arte del Piccolo Formato–II edition–Informare per formare”, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea FLM, Banari – Italy, Group show

2012 - “Thee Cage Afteer”, Villa Aurelia, Rome–Italy, Group show

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