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Ian Lee Hoppp

Ian Lee Hoppp

Ian Lee Hoppp is the pseudonym of an Artist of which nobody knows the real identity.

Transforming Realities are the basis of a new art form.

The tools have changed and the ways of exploring visual things have expanded. In recent times, Lee has been exploring the potential of digital technology to help him revisit and transform his observations and photographic compositions in new ways. He doesn’t want to manipulate the reality itself, he only wants to use the intrinsic tools everybody has to transform it into different visual perceptions of the one reality it all comes from. 

For the viewer, there is no link to the original reality anymore. This makes the interaction and the new interpretation of reality with the audience very intriguing for Lee. It forms the basis of his new Art-philosophy which he claims as I-ism. A new era of Art-creation is born. Emotional expression becomes visible through digital transformation. Being not a painter, neither a sculptor Lee creates a visual perception of art that has never seen before. Coming from his own eyes as visual inputs or visual compositions, he transforms them into completely different realities that are fascinating to absorb. The viewer has no link anymore with the initial reality that only Lee observed. In fact its like watching a painting that was transformed completely from the original painting and there are no whatsoever links to that original anymore. The simplicity of the digital tools Lee uses to create his art makes the viewer even more curious to try to see through the new the original. The original seems to be a simple day to day observation or composition from LEE’s environment. The final outcome of his work is that every observation in his own way reveals the art, you just need to see it. 

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