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Investment Art

A few starter tips from art experts

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things can also be a way to make some money if you know what you are doing. If you are not an art expert it can be a challenge to get into collecting art, but it’s not impossible. We have a few starter tips from art experts who suggest these recommendations in the build up towards purchasing your first artwork. 


Visit a bookstore for some quality art books

Glossy coffee table books on art on display in your lounge area will do more than just impress visitors. Paging through art books is an affordable way to view art and gain a sense of what you like, what speaks to you and what is popular in the art world. 


Visit art galleries and museums

It goes without saying that you should make your way to various art galleries and museums as often as you can. Visiting these popular art spaces gives you the opportunity to be exposed to emerging contemporary artists. The price tag on these artists is likely to be more affordable than more established artists.

Find a few galleries that excite you and sign up for their mailing list or follow them on social media to hear about exhibitions and all relevant art news. Don’t be afraid to engage with gallery staff as they are there to guide you as the art experts. 


Call in the professionals

Once you’ve decided which path to take, get the seal of approval from an art consultant. You could speak to someone in-house and this could cut the red tape and even get you a discount. Do your research ahead of time to reap the most benefits. 



Louise Bourgeois - Beautiful Night, 2014

Adapt your needs to your budget

If you’re not financially able to pay for a piece you love from a well-known artist, consider an edition. An edition is a series of prints created from a single image. A limited-edition is when a predetermined number of prints are made, signed, and numbered by the artist. 

Open editions mean that unlimited replicas are created which would diminish the value of your investment. While a limited edition would be preferred, consider an open edition or a photographic edition if the artwork really speaks to you. 


Take your search online

Once frowned upon by artists and art lovers alike, online art galleries are now recognized and popular, especially due to the travel constraints of Covid-19. From the comfort of your own home, you can browse and research various artists and their work, and you can obtain a piece of art with real heart and meaning behind it or purchase it for the dual purpose of making an art investment.


Looking after your art investment

Before bringing your investment art home, you will need to contact your insurance to protect your investment. Additionally, ensure that the environment is suitable for the art piece such as avoiding direct sunlight on the art piece. 

The intangible value attached to art and other items such as classic cars, coins or stamps will affect the value of your art investment. Each collector derives their own enjoyment from a particular work of art, theme or artist which cannot be captured in a simple return on investment. Corporate collectors can use their art collections to inspire staff or to create a strong corporate image which includes the appreciation of art. Corporate art collections can also include initiatives to support artists from disadvantaged communities. 


Purchase investment art through Uitstalling Art Gallery 

Uitstalling Art Gallery provides advice and guidance on investment art. We believe that each purchase should be a mixture of aesthetic appreciation and financial investment. If you have a specific artist in mind, we can determine which works are available and at what price and we act as your buying agent for a small commission.

At Uitstalling Contemporary Art we provide an extremely comprehensive service, and we can take care of framing, hanging, delivery, storage, and much more besides – for further information please contact us by mail or phone.

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