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Collecting and investing in contemporary art at the Uitstalling

The global art market has grown exponentially in the last two decades, and collecting art is no longer the preserve of an aristocratic elite. The hunger for contemporary art is now insatiable, with a broad spectrum of society desiring to buy and collect works, not only to enrich their lives via aesthetic appreciation but also as a serious investment for the future.

At Uitstalling Contemporary Art Gallery we help both the novice and expert navigate the ever-shifting landscape of the global art market and provide advice and guidance on making the right kinds of art investments – make no mistake, investing in contemporary art is big business, with leading galleries in the UK attracting in excess of 15 million visitors last year alone.

Accordingly, the acquisition of art as a high- performance asset class is no longer considered an alternative financial investment, but a key one. In a 2017 poll conducted by Deloitte, 88% of Wealth Managers believe Art should be a key component of an art investment portfolio.

We firmly believe that every acquisition should be a marriage of aesthetic appreciation and wise investment, and we make it our business to offer both the novice and experienced investor the perfect marriage of an enriching and sophisticated appreciation of contemporary art and the financial satisfaction of investment performance.


The Sotheby’s Mei Moses Index: 1950-2018

Investing in contemporary art

The graph above shows the Sotheby’s Mei Moses Index for the broader art market from 1950 to 2018. The index benchmarks at 1 in 1950 and shows the trajectory in demand for the overall market, a compound annual growth rate of 8.8%. Source:

Nicolas Party - Fruit and Vegetable, 2016
Nicolas Party - Flowers And A Few Colours, 2013

Art as an investment

At Uitstalling Contemporary Art we can supply investors with access to investment-grade art from as little as Eur10,000. At this affordable level, you can acquire something from an emerging or established artists who have already created an impression in the market, and whose work we believe has the potential drastically to increase in value in the future.

From the Eur20,000-mark we can often supply investors with access to work by blue-chip artists. At this higher price level, you can own a piece by an artist whose name is widely known– one who has already attracted significant attention in both the media and the market, and from serious collectors.

If you have a particular artist whose work you would like to buy, then we can often ascertain exactly which works are available, and at what price – through our extensive international network of art market contacts we can usually source work from artists, studios, agents, collectors, and other galleries. If it’s work by one specific artist that you want to acquire, then we can act as your buying agent for a small commission.

Conversely, if you have something you are keen to sell, we’ll certainly consider displaying it in our gallery (providing it meets our criteria for price-performance potential), handle any interest, and administer the resulting sale – again, we will charge a small commission for work of this nature.

At Uitstalling Contemporary Art we provide an extremely comprehensive service when it comes to investing in contemporary art, and we can take care of framing, hanging, delivery, storage, and much more besides.

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