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Bert Daenen / Marcelle Volckaert
Monastery of Colen - Borgloon


Beste vrienden en kunstliefhebbers,


Met veel spijt moet ik jullie meedelen dat de 2 voorstellingen OPUS SOBRIETATE in het klooster van Colen die deze week gepland waren zullen uitgesteld worden naar een latere datum. Dit omwille van onvoorziene omstandigheden bij één van de kunstenaars. 


Eindelijk hadden we na een lange tijd van Corona deze voorstelling klaar om er een fantastische ervaring van te maken. Uitstel is echter geen afstel. We gaan op zoek naar een nieuwe datum en zullen daarover communiceren van zodra meer info bekend is.


De reeds betaalde tickets zullen voor de goede orde worden terugbetaald zodat u dienaangaande geen nadeel ondervindt. Kan u ons daarvoor kort uw rekeningnummer doorsturen zodat we dit zo snel mogelijk in orde kunnen brengen.


Nogmaals onze oprechte excuses voor het ongemak.


Met kunstzinnige groeten,

Danny en het Opus Sobrietate Team 


In our heritage there are many stories of countless women whose mission was to follow their full instinct. And luckily they did. Jeanne d'Arc, Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Rosa Parks, Anne Frank and so many others wrote indelible history. Their stories touch our darkest fears, most grandiose desires and our deepest pitfalls. They are like all stories, examining what it means to be human on this earth. About how to live.

The healing power of stories makes us committed to Art. Art scrapes the bottom of the soul. She draws from a deeper layer than the things at the surface, over which we daily with our elegant clothes and combed hair, talk to each other about. She wants to take us to where it pinches and rubs.

“The portraits of Bert Daenen meander to an inward journey that begets the wind of the soul”

Opus Sobrietate invites its audience to feel - standing, very intimate and highly engaged - as recipients open to confrontational, moving, hopeful and sometimes painful messages. As a listener are you receptive and touchable? Because you are here to be touched by the energy of portraiture. And once you're hit, you feel for the strength of these seven women.

These women are the intuition, the foresight, the keen listeners and the faithful heart. They encourage us to follow our instincts and passion. They
whisper in nightly dreams. They are feelings, impulses and memory. They have been lost for a while and have been half forgotten for a long time. They are the source, the growth, the hope, the redemption, the light, the night, the darkness and the dawn. They are the ones who rage after injustice.

“The composition and richness of details in Opus Sobrietate awaken the imagination to Gesamtkunst.”


Opus Sobrietate is a multimedia experience built on women's stories, as light beacons along the path. They are here to hear from you and to be considered. The carefully chosen music will transport you from Handel, Pergolesi, Paisiello, Rossini, De Falla, Monteverdi and to the unsurpassed Barbara Strozzi who pioneered and composed secular vocal music in Italy.
This oral tradition is cherished in our beautiful Limburg. It's not for nothing that Barbara Strozzi has her own Wikipedia page in the Mestreechs or in the beautiful South Limburg dialect that many of us cherish as a major heritage. You are in the rich heart of Europe where there is fertile ground for the culmination of these two art forms: photography as music.
The soul of this project transcends our continent and is universal, but the mantle is indeed part of the heritage of this region. Though the word may be
“patrimony” to describe specifically this occasion, it is also as the “maternal” or the “female” inheritance. You feel it: the atmosphere of this former monastery sings a cry for strength, recovery and a healthy intuition.

Lisa Deckers

Programme - May, 5th

19:00 - Welcome

Reception - finger food


20:00 - Dinner


21:00 - Intro + Opus Sobrietate


22:00 - Drinks & meet the artists

Programme - May, 7th

19:00 - Welcome

Reception - finger food


20:00 - A selection of exquisite bites


21:00 - Intro + Opus Sobrietate


22:00 - Drinks & meet the artists

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Bert Daenen

Bert paints with light. He plays with color and contrasts. He forces you to gaze to the center of the action: the face and hands. The women in his photos look subdued, musing, focused, deep in thought. Sometimes their gaze is down, some of them look directly at you. They are separate from a concrete environment, which puts them at the center of attention. They seek connection with the visitor who in turn wants to escape here from the hectic pace and worries of every day. Bert Daenen's art refers to the atmosphere that painters such as Vermeer or Rembrandt evoke in their portraits, as well as to the work of Bill Viola or that of photographers such as Dorothea Lange, Man Ray and Walker Evans. After that first glance, Bert invites you to look further. The apparently black surfaces that surround the faces appear to contain a wealth of hues with details that reward the meticulous viewer.

Marcelle Volckaert

Marcelle holds an Arts Degree in English and Drama (UCT) and a Master's Degree in Music (US - cum laude). Singing teachers include Wendy Fine, Marita Napier (SA) and Jeff Talbot (UK) and Master classes with David Jones (NY), Inacio de Nonno (Brazil) and The European Chamber Opera (Spain). 

Training in Ballet and Acting, has seen her perform in Evita (Artscape); tour with The Theatre for Youth; write and direct a play (BP Community Festival). As a soloist (Opera Activ), she has performed scenes from: Die Fledermaus (Adele), Le nozze di Figaro (Susanna), Don Giovanni (Zerlina) and Cavalleria Rusticana (Lola). Performing throughout SA, and as guest artist for: CT Festival's Concert in the Park, St George's Cathedral, JHB Uni Sundowner Concert Series; in UK, Denmark and Brazil (Pergolesi's Stabat Mater). Marcelle enjoys artistic collaborations. She creates powerful and emotional atmospheres, using her delicate and emotive voice, she is able to explore the music and character from an intellectual, emotional, musical and physical level by drawing on the various disciplines in her background.

Opus try-out - DSC_1195.jpg
Opus try-out - DSC_1079.jpg

Hugo Fernandes

Hugo Fernandez was born in Lisbon (Portugal) where he obtained his training in music from the ‘Escola de Música de Conservatório Nacional, under Andrzej Michalczyk, Luis Sá Pessao, Maria Jose Falcao and Clélia Vital. He later studied under Paulo Gaio Lima at the Universidade de Evora. Hugo has participated in master classes for cello with Paulo Gaio Lima, Peter Bruns and Xavier Gagnepain. He attended master classes in Música Antiga with Keith Ausgang. Later Hugo studied privately under Pavel Gomziakov. Hugo has since taught cello and music at various schools and institutions, inspiring the next generation of musicians.

Hugo performed with various orchestras, including the Orquestra Académica Metroplitana and the Orquestra Sinónica Portuguesa Juvenil. His involvement in chamber music has seen him regularly travel to the Azores, for the Atelier de Ópera do Conservatório Naçional, under the artistic direction of Antonio Oliveira E Silva (1999), and the Quarteto de Cordas Svindel for the Festival Atlântico Nos Açores (2004). In Portugal he played with A Paixao de S. Juiao at the Teatro S. Lúis (2011) and for the Orquestra de Câmara Josefa de Obidos under the artistic direction of Irene Lima with music by Massimo Mazza (2007)

Hugo is often been asked for artistic collaborations. His numerous musical performances include such diverse genres as Tango Argentina, traditional European concertello, musicals and of course Fado. He was recently seen performing in concert with the Susana Travassos Ensemble (2021), as well as with the Gulbenkian Institute on Opus Tutti (2017). Since 2016 he has regularly performed with well known musicians and in 2018 Hugo opened his own concert venue called The Pharmacia Musical, where he can be found either performing or hosting a diverse range of musicians. 

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