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VIP Online Exhibition | Anton Smit | Gallery Showcase

Updated: May 11, 2020

The Contemporary Art Gallery ‘Uitstalling’ based in Belgium was born out of a love for South African artists. Here you will find a mixture of painting, drawing and sculpture on display but the one thing they all have in common is their country of origin.

Located on a historic site which used to be a coal mine with a Victorian style house, this gives the gallery a sense of history and intrigue right off the bat. You can experience contemporary art in this beautiful location during your travels through Europe. The Uitstalling Gallery has a mix of established and emerging artists and is dedicated to showcasing quality work of artists that move art lovers.

Take in the work of these famous artists at Uitstalling:

Anton Smit - Uitstalling

Various works from these artists are for sale and can be seen by appointment.

*Please Note: During our Covid-19 closure you can enjoy our online exhibition at

The demand for contemporary art is not limited to the rich or elite but has a wide reach over society with art lovers wanting various pieces of art to enhance their lives with aesthetic appreciation. Another motivation is to enjoy the art while using it as an investment opportunity.

The Uitstalling Gallery provides new art lovers and experts with advice and guidance on making suitable investments for their specific needs.

Uitstalling provides their clients with comprehensive services which include framing, hanging, delivery and storage of artwork and sculpture.

Visit the Uitstalling Gallery website for more information and browse through the magnificent art work.

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