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What is Contemporary Art?

Contemporary Art in the 20th Century

Known as "the art of today", Contemporary art, more broadly includes artwork produced during the late 20th and early 21st centuries.


It generally defines art produced after the Modern Art movement to the present day and produced by artists who are living in our time.


It provides opportunities to reflect on society and the issues that are important to us and the world. It is part of a cultural dialogue that concerns larger contextual frameworks such as identity, family, community, and nationality.

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The History Of Contemporary Art

In 1910, Roger Fry founded the Contemporary Art Society, a private society where artwork could be purchased for public museums and art galleries.

Then, through the 1930s more institutions were founded with the same idea and vision.

Scholars in the field now distinguish Modern Art as a specific style that aligns with a specific time period. In contrast, the contemporary style continues to progress over time, which adds to the wide variety of approaches and art styles.

Many different Art Movements gripped and inspired the world since then:

  • Pop Art: Emerged in the 1950s and 60s in America and Britain, drawing inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture. From there, different cultures and countries contributed to the movement during the 1960s and 70s.​​

  • Photorealism​: Popular throughout the 1970s, this art movement had artists aimed to create hyperrealistic drawings and paintings, often working from photographs.

  • Conceptualism: Emerging in the late 1960s and remaining a major contemporary art movement today, this art movement rejected the idea of art as a commodity. The concept or idea involved takes precedence over traditional concerns.

  • Minimalism: Unlike Conceptualism, its simple, abstract aesthetic invites viewers to respond to what they see, not what they think a given work of art represents.

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  • Performance Art: A drama-inspired approach to art, not solely intended as entertainment. Instead, its goal is to convey a message or an idea.

  • Installation Art: An immersive medium of contemporary art. Installations are three-dimensional works of art that transform their surroundings and alter viewers' perceptions in many given ways.

  • Earth Art: A movement, similar to installation art, in which artists transform natural landscapes into site-specific works of art.

  • Street Art: One of the most recent contemporary art movements and rooted in social activism, street art includes public murals, public installations, stenciled images, and more.

Contemporary Art at the Uitstalling Art Gallery

The Uitstalling Art Gallery deals in a distinctive combination of contemporary art, from paintings, drawings to sculptures, and other art installations.

Thanks to our local network in South-Africa, we select artists with a proven record and an extended biography.

The location for The Contemporary Art Gallery was chosen carefully on the site of a previous coal mine with an extension to a private Victorian-style house.

A perfect spot to experience contemporary art in combination with an intriguing environment. We want people to experience quality above all and in all we do.

Uitstalling Garden

The Villa at Uitstalling

At Uitstalling The Villa you can look at our own collection of artists. We present a privately owned variable collection from artists as Louise Bourgeois, Dana Schutz, Pablo Picasso, Julian Opie, Dylan Lewis, Nicolas Party, and many others.

Visit Uitstalling Art Gallery during office hours or by appointment.

The global art market has grown exponentially in the last two decades, and collecting art is no longer the preserve of an aristocratic elite.

The hunger for contemporary art is now insatiable, with a broad spectrum of society desiring to buy and collect works, not only to enrich their lives via aesthetic appreciation but also as a serious investment for the future.

Collecting & investing in contemporary art


At Uitstalling Contemporary Art Gallery we help both the novice and expert navigate the ever-shifting landscape of the global art market and provide advice and guidance on making the right kinds of art investments.

We can supply investors with access to investment-grade art from as little as €10,000.

At this affordable level, you can acquire something from an emerging or established artist who has already created an impression in the market, and whose work we believe has the potential drastically to increase in value in the future.

Artists at the Uitstalling Art Gallery

The Uitstalling aims for a mix of international established and emerging artists that exceed the ordinary limits of art. We combine art in a way that visitors will be moved. We only support artists that we love ourselves.

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