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Thameur Mejri

Thameur Mejri

Thameur Mejri (1982, Tunis) investigates complexities of human existence by identifying parallels between paradoxical ideas of violence, innocence, guilt and shame. The human figure acts as a central element throughout his compositions, the vigorous manner in which Mejri places the figure onto the canvas, reflects the relationship between painting and painter, suggesting self-portraits that battle to fully emerge and reveal themselves. There is an interplay between painting and film. He approaches painting as a film director and he films with the vision of a painter, allowing for the qualities of each discipline to manifest upon one another; the chaos and movement in his paintings are a testament of this. The energetic application of colour establishes the atmosphere in this confrontation between heaven and hell, each represented by blue and red. In choosing these colours as a departure point and importantly for their opposing religious connotations of heaven and hell, he confirms the major influence of these symbols, particularly in the Muslim world.


Selected exhibitions


Solo Exhibitions

2022 - Until My Veins Collapse (States of Emergency). Curated by Salma Tuqan & Matthieu Lelièvre. MAC Lyon. Lyon. France

2021 - States of Exception. Curated by Matthieu Lelièvre. B7L9 Art Station. The Kamel Lazaar Foundation. Tunis. Tunisia

2020 - Walking Targets. Curated by Matthieu Lelièvre. Selma Feriani Gallery. Tunis. Tunisia

2019 - Eroded Grounds. Gallery 1957. Accra. Ghana
2017 - Heretic Spaces. Elmarsa Gallery. Dubai. UAE

Before you split the ground. Jack Bell Gallery. London. UK

2012 - Disaster Pieces. Elmarsa Gallery. Tunis. Tunisia
2010 - mâle (Dieu) èpouvantail. Artyshow Gallery. Tunis. Tunisia

Group Exhibitions


13th Cairo biennale. Cairo. Egypt
Incarnations: African Art as Philosophy (Sindika Dokolo Art Collection). BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts. Brussels. Belgium
What is a Box. Elmarsa Gallery. Tunis. Tunisia


Cultural Narratives. Selections Art Magazine. Dubai. UAE
Tunisian Pavillon. XIII Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African Art 2018. Dakar. Senegal

Mitli Mitlak (Like you. Like me). N'Namdi Center for Contemporary Art. Michigan. USA


Yesterday is Tomorrows Memory. Elmarsa Gallery. Dubai. UAE

Place de la Gare. Ghaya Art Gallery. Sidi Bou Said. Tunisia

Effervescence. Institut des cultures d’islam. Paris. France


You Love Me. You Love Me Not. Galeria Municipal Almeida Garrett. Porto. Portugal

Coup de crayon. Ghaya Art Gallery. Sidi Bou Said. Tunisia
Intervalles. Elmarsa Gallery. Tunis. Tunisia
Untitled. Elmarsa Gallery. Tunis. Tunisia

8th Edition Printemps des Arts Plastiques de La Marsa. Palais Abdellyah. Tunis. Tunisia

Collection. Kanvas Art Gallery. Tunis. Tunisia 2009 Point Rouge Gallery. Montreal. Canada

7th Edition Printemps des Arts Plastiques de La Marsa. Palais Abdellyah. Tunis. Tunisia

Annual Exhibition of the Visual Artists Association. Tunis. Tunisia


6th Edition Printemps des Arts Plastiques de La Marsa. Palais Abdellyah. Tunis. Tunisia



Group Exhibition. The Infusion Gallery. Los Angeles. USA


Galerie Ali Guermessi. Tunis. Tunisia

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