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Wednesday: 2 - 5 PM

Saturday: 2- 5 PM

Sunday: 2 - 5 PM

Closed during installations

For more information about our gallery or our work, please contact us by e-mail at 

If you have any interest in buying art, please fill in our quote and we will get back to you very soon. Make sure you provide us with as much details as possible. 

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About visiting the Uitstalling


Wednesday: 2 - 5 PM

Saturday - Sunday: 2- 5 PM

Closed during installations

If you are planning  to visit our gallery, please contact us for a guided tour.


Please register first at our head office:

Marcel Habetslaan 13, 3600 Genk 


Uitstalling Gallery

Marcel Habetslaan 26

3600 Genk


T: +32(0)89 84 84 20

By appointment only

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