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May 3 - Aug 11, 2024, Genk (BE)

I dream I’m Crossing the River is an exhibition featuring six visual artists from and/or working in South Africa, Zimbabwe and DR Congo: Felix Shumba, Zanele Muholi, Malebona Maphutse, Maliza Kiasuwa, Thembinkosi Hlatshwayo and Sthenjwa Luthuli. In the main space of the Uitstalling gallery, curator Sorana Munsya invited these artists to show their work, which ranges from photography and painting to installation and sculpture. Through a variety of media, each of the invited artists proposes works exploring the links between dreams and violence. Indeed, the project was inspired by the reflections of F. Fanon in his chapter entitled “On Violence” in his famous essay The Wretched of the Earth. In it, the revolutionary thinker from Martinique develops the idea that the dreams of the colonized are imbued with action that their reality does not allow them to live, as they are shackled by colonial power. The various guest artists, all from countries with a violent colonial history whose consequences are still being felt today, take us into worlds where the deployment of bodies and minds counters what our contemporary world inflicts as violence against minorities and the underprivileged. Zanele Muholi’s paintings create motifs inspired by her dreams, while Felix Shumba’s installation features large-scale charcoal drawings based on the colonial history of former Rhodesia. Maliza Kiasuwa, an artist of Romanian-Congolese origin, shows sculptures made from a variety of materials that appear to be talismans, symbols of a desire for freedom. South African artist Sthenjwa Luthuli’s images and motifs create characters with dancing, colorful limbs, reminiscent of Fanon’s “muscular orgy”. Finally, the photographs of Thembinkosi Hlatshwayo and the paintings of Malebona Maphutse, two young South African artists, depict the legacy of a society grappling with unresolved traumas.

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