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Feb 2 - Mar 31, 2023, Poznan (PL)

"Hope of the Rainbow Nation," features the dynamic works of South African artists Liza Grobler, Anton Smit, and Ennock Mlangeni. Inspired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu's vision of the "Rainbow Nation," the exhibition celebrates the transformative power of art and its role in imagining a more inclusive, harmonious world. The title reflects optimism and the spirit of unity and democracy, symbolized by the rainbow in African cultures. Anton Smit's contributions stand out for their introspective darkness, with raw, figurative sculptures that delve into themes of human figures, heads, and abstract motifs, balancing African cultural heritage with a critique of Western artistic traditions. Ennock Mlangeni, recognized for his unique use of materials like coffee, showcases pieces that blend acrylic and mixed media to convey the depth of human emotion, especially in portraits that capture a somber, contemplative mood. In contrast, Liza Grobler's vibrant mixed-media works inject a sense of joy and curiosity, encouraging viewers to find beauty in the details of everyday life. Her use of color and texture offers a counterbalance to the more somber themes presented by her counterparts, highlighting the exhibition's overarching theme of complexity and the varied textures of daily existence. "Hope of the Rainbow Nation" at MAD Art Gallery invites visitors into a multi-layered dialogue between joy and contemplation, past and future, through the diverse lenses of its featured artists.

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