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Jul 2 - Oct 1, Genk

Veil showcases Smit’s masterful fusion between his use of Classical art techniques and a profound exploration of the hidden aspects of our existence. The collection of oils, painted in a Classical manner, feature draped cloth over female sitters. The fabric functions to subtly conceal and obscure elements that lie beneath the surface. The drapery, an integral part of the exhibition’s theme, represents the veiled - the unseen world that exists just beyond the grasp of our physical senses. The exhibition marks a return to Smit’s early artistic roots, influenced by Renaissance and Baroque Masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt, respectively. Drawing inspiration from these artists’ expert use of chiaroscuro, Smit skilfully employs the interplay of light and shadow in his artworks. This technique not only adds depth and dimension to his portraits, but also infuses them with a sense of drama and emotional intensity reminiscent of the Renaissance era. A muted colour palette permeates this collection of Smit’s artworks, further enhancing their evocative power. Dark browns, charcoal, navy blues, beiges, linens, and whites dominate the compositions, lending a sense of timelessness and introspection to each piece. These muted hues serve to deepen the impact, evoking a contemplative atmosphere that resonates with the viewer on a profound level. In addition to the paintings, Veil also features an arresting collection of bronze sculptures, each of which captures the essence of the human form. Infusing the metal with a sense of movement and expression, these bronzes exemplify Smit’s mastery in translating his artistic vision across various mediums, offering a harmonious dialogue between painting and sculpture.

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