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Lunga_2023B - 1.jpeg




Aug 19 - Nov 20, 2022 - Genk (BE)

In the art series Clarity In The Abyss, the artworks take advantage of the blackness as being a site for magic and the call to be present. The figures are caught in a moment of transition, the motion that surrounds the gure turns them into a personification of a memory. The black becomes a space where you can’t tell worlds apart, it has become a place where you can birth new realities alongside revisiting the past ones. This series reiterates the need to let go of something, and maybe a call for further surrendering. It seems like the viewer is privy of a negotiation between themselves and the artwork. Ultimately the images are a negotiation between the characters and their former/present self. The work can almost be seen as the light finally coming in or as them letting go of a part of themselves for a greater cause.

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