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Thameur Mejri




Ap r16 - Jun 25, Genk

In this new series, Thameur has greatly expanded both his colour pallet and his compositional style. The gesture's accuracy and anxious intensity are its two main scenographic components. The contemporary complexity of his compositions is striking for both its delicate balance and its potency. It is evidence of the consistency of his thought process, of his physical embodiment in space and time, as well as of the intellectual journey that inspires the artist to create strong, captivating, and occasionally unsettling paintings. The iconographic elements of the new series' works are placed in a composition that is more analogous to a scene from a play or a crime scene, where a suspended, airy, and legible piece develops. What distinguishes it from the paintings in the preceding series. Each canvas resembles a battlefield where colours clash, and the canvases are like a landscape on fire where everything comes into war. The colours have grown more upfront and even triumphant. Since reverting to blues and reds that barely ever combine but are constantly in contrast to one another, his colours have grown more direct and fundamental. They are arranged in a way that seems to reflect the cartography of a country that is unstable and inhabited by people engaged in constant struggle.His use of painting and sketching techniques produces the beauty that exudes from his compositions, and the colours are entirely the product of accidents, a provoked chance. The masterful organisation of the coloured beaches and the sketching of the constantly moving figures seem to flow from the majesty and strength of the paintings.

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